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In Case of Errors or Questions About Your Bill

If you think your billing is wrong, or if you need more information about a transaction on our bill, write us on a separate sheet at P.O. Box 42, Clearfield, PA 16830-0042, ATTENTION: Loan Department, as soon as possible. We must hear from you no later than 60 days after we sent you the first bill on which the error or problem appeared. You can telephone us, but doing so will not preserve your rights.

In your letter, give us the following information:
1.) Your name and account number
2.) The dollar amount of the suspected error.
3.) Describe the error and explain if you can, why you believe there is an error. If you need more information, describe the item you are unsure about.

You do not have to pay any amount in question, while we are investigating, but you are still obligated to pay the parts of your bill that are not in question. While we investigate your question, we cannot report you as delinquent or take any action to collect the amount in question.

Billing Errors Resolution

Payment of any disputed amounts or related finance charge is not required pending our resolution of your billing dispute.

Special Rule for Credit Card Purchases

If you have a problem with the quality of goods or services that you purchased with a credit card and you have tried in good faith to correct the problem with the merchant, you may not have to pay the remaining amount due on the goods or services. You have this protection only when the purchase price was more than $50 and the purchase was made in your home state or within 100 miles of your mailing address. (If we own or operate the merchant, or if we mailed you the advertisement for the property or services, all purchases are covered regardless of amount or location of purchase.)